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Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 1st 1st
UTA Cooper E Salvation Army Family Life Center 3.9 2.57
Arl. Public Safety Bldg, Retail
Pecan E Business 4.2 58
Center/Mesquite S Arl. City Hall, Library 4.3 59
First Savings Bank Bldg (6 story)
Center/Mesquite UTA S UTA, Apartments First Baptist CDC 0.4 59
Mitchell W UTA, Workforce Development YWCA CDC 0.7 59
Mitchell Pecan W UTA 0.8 3.00
West W UTA 5 0
Cooper S UTA, Park Inn Limited, Apts 0.2 1
Cooper Park Row S Arlington High School Montessori School & C/C 0.6 2
Walgreens, Apts
Inwood S retail 6 3
Pioneer S Big Lots 0.4 4
Shadow Brook Apartments 403
Cooper Park Apartments 180
Turtle Creek Apartments 193
Glenbrook Apartments ???
Arkansas S Albertsons 0.6 5
California S Retail, Intown Suites 7.2 6
All Seasons RV Park
Mayfield S CareNow, Retail 0.8 7
Colonial Car Wash
Arbrook E Super Target Children's World 8.3 10
Arbrook Parks Mall Dr E The Parks Mall 0.7 10
Closed Movie Theater
Scots Legacy E Retail 0.9 11
High Point E USMD Hospital Arlington 9.2 11
Costco Wholesale Club
Arbrook Matlock S Compass Bank Bldg(5 story) Highpoint Children's Acad. 0.4 12
Comfort Inn, IMMA Bldg (4 story)
Chatham Green Apartments 234
Matlock H20 S heavy retail area 0.8 13
Stephens S Retail 10.1 15
Bardin Rd S Windcastle Apartments 220 0.3 15
Wimbledon S
Green Oaks Blvd S Walgreens, Winn-Dixie KinderCare 11 17
Nathan Lowe S s/f 0.4 17
Lovingham S s/f JemCare C.C.
Sublett Rd S Walmart, CVS Pharmacy Children's Lighthouse 12 19
Lynn Creek S s/f 0.4 20
Eden S s/f 12.8 21
Harris S s/f, Mobile Home Park (new) 13.2 23
Lonesome Dove S s/f 0.8 24
Turner Warnell S s/f, Walgreens Children's Courtyard 14.1 26
Tutor Time
Mansfield Webb S Kroger, Spyglass Apartments 256 0.5 27
Debbie W Walmart Children's Center P/S 0.6 28
Debbie St Charles W s/f 15.2 29
Walnut Creek S Mansfield High School, s/f Walnut Creek P/S 0.7 30
Brook Wester Middle School Musik Garten P/S
Walnut Creek Aspen S s/f 16.1 31
Johnbury S s/f
Country Club Dr S Winn-Dixie, Tom Thumb La Petite Academy 0.7 32
H287 S Heavy Retail 0.8 32
Savings Place Dr S Albertsons, Walmart Super Ctr 17.1 33
Pleasant Ridge S Walgreens, Worley Middle School 0.3 33
Magnolia S park, business 0.7 34
Broad St S MISD Admin., Retail 18 35
Tarrant Co. Sub-Courthouse Head Start
Nash Elementry School change start
Dallas E s/f 0
Dallas Hillcrest St E I/P, s/f 0.2
Westeria S Mansfield City Hall 0.6
Mansfield Activity Center
Courtesy Inn, Comfort Inn
Parkside Apartments 56
Westeria Fort Worth S s/f, I/P 0.9
Heritage W I/P, Mansfield Correctional 1.3
19.5 39
Heritage Main St N I/P - JOHNSON COUNTY 20 40
Main St Sentry N I/P 0.2 40
Begin alternate route into industrial park
Main St Sentry W I/P 0.2 40
Sentry 2nd Ave N I/P 20.7 41
2nd Ave Airport E I/P 21 42
Airport Trinity E I/P 0.3 42
6th N I/P 21.6 43
6th at Para-Chem Plant N I/P 22.1 44
Broad St E I/P, s/f 0.5 45
Broad St 4th E s/f 23.2 46
Main St/Bus 287 N Retail, MEDC 23.4 47
Mansfield Chamber of Commerce
Mans. Manor & Plaza Apartments
End alternate route into industrial park
Main St/Bus 287 Sherman N I/P, s/f 0.2
Hunt N s/f, I/P retail 0.8
Broad St N Retail, Mans. C of C, MEDC 1.1
Mansfield Manor Apartments 100 23.4
Mansfield Plaza Apartments
Pleasant Ridge N Post Office 0
Ponder Elementry School
Nabors Mobile Home Park 20
H157/Bus 287 Spilt N Mouser Electronics 0.5
H157 Oak Hill Park N The Lofts Apartments 50
2 Mobile Home Parks
Debbie/FM1187 W Super Target, heavy retail 1.5
Debbie/FM1187 Bus 287 N MISD Transportation 2.1
Shepard Intermediate School 25.7 53
Nelson Wyatt N sparse s/f 26.6 54
Turner Warnell N 27.3 55
Mansfield Hwy/Bus 287 Hudson Cemetary Rd N Junk Yards 28.2 56
Eden N Junk Yards 29.1 57
Tower N Bus. Park (Speed Fab-Crete) 0.7 58
Broadway N Post Office 30.5 59
New Hope N Kennedale City Hall 0.7 4.00
Kennedale Community Ctr
Municipal N s/f 0.9 4.00
Bowman Springs N Harvest IGA, KISD Admin. 31.1 1
Kennedale Elementry School
(2) Mobile Home Parks
Kennedale Police Dept.
Kennedale Sr. Citizen Ctr
Bowman Springs Spring Branch N Kennedale Junior High School 0.4 1
Pennsylvania E s/f, Target Golf Driving Range 0.8 2
Pennsylvania Independence E s/f 32.2 3
Vicksburg N s/f 0.4 4
Vicksburg Potomac E s/f 0.8 5
Potomac Little Rd N
Treepoint N Empty Winn-Dixie 33.2 6
Tealwood Apartments 152
The Parks at Treepoint Apartments 586
The Trails Apartments 208
Oak Chase Apartmnets 234
Laurels of Sendera Apartments 232
Sterling Crest Apartments 250
Begin Optional Treepoint Extension for Front Door Service to Large Apts (4 minutes)
Treepoint Treecrest W
Turnaround at Sterling Crest Apt E
Treepoint Little Rd N
End Optional Treepoint Extension (4 minutes)
Little Rd H287 N 33.5 6
Arborgate N Loews Theater, Retail 0.6 7
I-20 N 0.9 8
Poly Webb N Albertsons, Office Depot 34 8
Green Oaks (merge) N No Stop 0.3 9
Green Oaks Pleasant Ridge N Kroger 0.5 9
Inglewood N Apts to East, s/f 0.7 10
Melstone N s/f 10
Shady Hill N s/f 11
Waterview N Ditto Elementry School Kid's Corner C/C 35.6 11
Firewood N s/f 36.1 12
Arkansas E Turning Point High School 0.3 12
Woodbury Place Apartments
Arkansas Hilldale E Venture School 0.6 13
Closed Retail, s/f
Little E Eden Terrace Assisted Living Ctr Alpha-Omega P/S 0.9 14
Fox Run Estates Assisted Living Whisterton Academy P/S
Duplexes 40
Woodside E Dunn Elementry School Holy Cross P/S 37 14
Park Run E Hearthstone Assisted Living Ctr 0.3 15
Park Springs (straight) E Retail, Tx DPS Monissori Academy 0.7 15
Cimmaron Park Apartments 272
Park Springs(correct) Spanish Trail E
Roosevelt E
Bowen Rd E s/f, Walmart, Walgreens Gail's Academy
Duluth E Bus. Park Children's World L/C
Avonhill E Retail
Cornerstone Community Apartments 252
Fielder E Arkansas Villas Apartments 50 Children's Courtyard
Davis (bear left before light) N s/f
Davis Dr Tucker N s/f
Park Row N s/f 2.6 53
Mitchell N s/f, SMG Catholic School 0.9 54
UTA Maintenance
Greek N St Albans School 3.2 54
UTA E Apts. 0.4 55
UTA Cooper St E UTA, Apts 3.9 2.57
Total Apartment Units: 3988
Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 1st 1st
Begin Original Mansfield Servicing offering more complete coverage of Mansfield
Walnut Creek Aspen S
Johnbury S
Country Club Dr S Winn-Dixie, Tom Thumb La Petite Academy
H287 S
Savings Place Dr S Walmart, Albertsons
Pleasant Ridge S Walgreens
Worley Middle School
Broad St S MISD Admin.
Dallas S s/f
Sherman W s/f
Sherman Main St N s/f
Main St Dallas N Apt
Broad St W Retail
Broad St 4th W s/f
6th S nothing
6th Airport E I/P
Airport 2nd Ave S I/P
2nd Ave Sentry E I/P
Main St S I/P
Main St Heritage E I/P
Westeria N I/P, Mansfield Correctional
Westeria Fort Worth N I/P, s/f
Dallas N I/P, Apts
Broad St W Mansfield City Hall
Mansfield Activity Ctr
Courtesy Inn, Comfort Inn
Parkside Apartments 56
Broad St Hillcrest W
Waxahachie W
Main St/Bus 287 N
Main St/Bus 287 Pleasant Ridge N Post Office
Ponder Elementry School
H157 Spilt W Mouser Electronics
Bus 287/Main St Oak Hill Park N 2 MHP's
Debbie/FM1187 N MISD Transportation
Shepard Intermediate School
End Original Mansfield Servicing offering more complete coverage of Mansfield
Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 1st 1st

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