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Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 4th 4th
Brown Blvd Ball Park Way E 0.5 s/f, Walgreens 211 Children's Courtyard 0.0
Brown Blvd Forest Oaks E 1.0 Forest Oaks Apartments 464 0.4
Chatham Creek Apartments
Lake of the Woods Apartments 192
Woodbridge Apartments 91
Brown Blvd/Ave K H360 E 1.0 Bell Helicopter, AmeriSuites 0.7
Lexington Inn, Holiday Inn
The Creek at Brookhollow 376
Westpark N 1.0 I/P, The Fairways Apartments 348 1.0
Westpark Fountain Pkwy E 1.0 I/P, Meadow Creek Apartments 100 0.4
Fountain Pkwy 109th E I/P 0.6
110th N I/P 0.7
110th Ave R N I/P 2.0
Carrier Pkwy E 1.0 I/P 0.1
Carrier Pkwy Great S/W Pkwy E I/P 0.3
113th E 1.0 I/P 0.6
Ave R E I/P 0.8
Roy Orr SE s/f 3.2
Sunnyvale S s/f 0.6
19th E s/f, Eisenhower Elementry School 4.1
Egyptian E 1.0 s/f 0.9
Egyptian 7th E s/f 5.3
7th Palace Pkwy E 1.0 Derby Park Apartments 360 0.6
Palace Pkwy Safari Circle E Ripley's Believe It or Not 6.1
Motel 6, Day's (Ramada) Inn
Riverview E Bus. Park 0.3
Belt Line Rd N 0.5 0.7
Belt Line Rd Lone Star Parkway E nothing 7.0
Lone Start Parkway Performance Place S Nokia Theatre 0.4
Performance Place Pollock Place W 1.0 Nokia Theatre, Pollock Paper 8.0
Pollock Place Lone Star Pkwy S 1.0 Lone Star Park 0.1
Lone Star Pkwy Belt Line Rd S Nothing 0.8
Belt Line Rd Safari Pkwy S 0.5 Grand Prairie Ford 9.1
Begin Alternative Mid Day Route to handle GP-X Skate Park, GP Tourist Bureau, and Main West L/S Park Entrance
Lone Start Parkway NextStage N
LSP Gate 2 N
LSP Gate 1 Arlington Tourist Bureau E Lone Star Park
turnaround W at Arlington Tourist Bureau
LSP Gate 1 Lone Start Parkway S
Lone Start Parkway Safari Pkwy S
Begin Alternative Mid Day Route to West Side of Lone Star Park
Belt Line Rd I-30 S 9.4
Tarrant Rd W 1.0 Retail 0.6
Tarrant Rd Walter Hill W s/f 0.9
Stadium/2nd S 1.0 Mill Valley Apartments 362 10.2
Terrace View Apartments
Stadium/2nd High School S Grand Prairie High School 0.5
Prairie Park Apartments 102
Hill/Small S s/f 0.7
Church E 1.0 Grand Prairie City Hall 0.9
Church Center E retail, Rosewood Two Apts 11.0
(2) Food & Clothing Coops
5th N retail, Salvation Army Thrift Store 0.3
Topline Select Market
5th Small/Hill E YMCA, Willow Bend Apartments Matthew's House D/C 0.4
Greenhill Apartments ???
Small/Hill Belt Line/H1382 E Kerrville Bus/Greyhound Bus 0.6
GP Utility Admin.
1.0 Heritage Place Assisted Living Ctr
11th E DeLux Inn, Tourist Court Motel 0.9
14th E 1.0 Graff Chevy, Howard Johnson Express Inn 12.1
Vought Aircraft
Travis Elementry School
17th E s/f, retail 0.4
Main St E Skyline Apartments 148 0.5
Main St 19th N Terry's Supermarket, Laundromat 0.6
19th Willow E s/f 0.9
Willow 22nd N s/f 13.2
22nd Manor E 1.0 s/f 0.3
Manor Graham N s/f 0.3
Graham Bagdad S 1.0 Garcia Elementry School 0.5
Bagdad Main S Bus. Park, Grand Prairie Motel 0.9
Bagdad Jefferson W 14.1
Jefferson Vought Main Entrance W 1.0 Vought 0.7
14th S Retail 15.1
14th Grand Prairie S Vought 0.3
Vaught West Entrance S Vought 0.4
Turner Pkwy S 1.0 s/f, GP Prevent. Care Clinic 0.7
Skyline-East S Crockett Elementry School 0.9
Mountain Creek Apartments 200
Marshall W 1.0 Arnold Middle School 16.8
Bonham Elementry School
Donna Lynn Apartments 174
Pryor Place Apartments ??? 972-237-0979
Marshall Belt Line/H1382 N 1.0 Carnival Supermarket, Laundromat 17.3
Belt Line/H1382 Stratford N s/f Playhouse P/S 0.9
Loving Care Wee School
Skyline-East N Cotton Creek Apartments ??? 18.3
1.0 Fox Hollow Apartments 86
Skyline-West W Carrier Arms Apartments 123 0.5
Skyline-West 4th W 1.0 Camelot Apartments 16 0.8
Center S s/f 19.0
Center Clarice W retail 19.1
Clarice 3rd/2nd S 1.0 Metroplex Care Center 0.2
Bowie Elementry School
Clarice Village Apartments ???
3rd/2nd Long S The Estates Assisted Living Ctr 0.4
Dickey Rd W s/f 0.7
Dickey Rd Clarice W 1.0 Cottonwood Park Village Apartments 170 20.0
Cottonwood Square Apartments 104
Carrier Pkwy S 1.0 s/f, Wright Senior Apartments 0.1
Carrier Pkwy Marshall Dr W 1.0 s/f, Millan Elementry School Honey Bee C/C 0.7
Marshall Dr/Park Row Robinson W s/f 21.0
Freeway W 1.0 Tree Tops Apartments 128 0.2
Poly Entrance W Poly America Entrance 0.4
Lance W Lockhead & Poly America 0.6
Lockhead Martin W 1.0 Lockhead 0.8
Missle W 22.0
M-Mart W 1.0 Lockhead 0.2
Park Row Dr/Marshall Great S/W Pkwy N 1.0 I/P, ABC Bus Co 0.4
Great S/W Pkwy Timberlake N 1.0 Timberlake Apartments 224 0.9
Dillard Street E I/P, The Barrington Apartments 82 23.0
1.0 Goldbriar Apartments 57
Dillard Street Heinz Way N I/P 0.3
Heinz Way Sherman/W.E. Roberts E I/P, Trailer Dell Mobile Home Park 0.8
Sherman/W.E. Roberts 23rd E Crescent Arms Apartments 124 0.9
19th E 1.0 Daniels Elementry School 24.3
B-B Motel
14th S 1.0 I/P 0.7
14th Robinson (merge) S s/f 0.9
Robinson Freeway N I/P 25.2
Freeway Desco N 1.0 Curtiss-Wright Village Apartments 120 0.5
Landings of Carrier Pkwy Apartments 282
Conover E Grand Prairie Chamber of Commerce 0.8
Grand Prairie Senior Activity Ctr
Conover Bank of America E 1.0 Grand Prairie Welfare Office 0.9
Bank of America Bldg (8 story)
Carrier Pkwy N Kroger, WICs Program, Post Office GP Head Start 26.1
Grand Prairie Police HQ, Library
Carrier Pkwy Jefferson N 1.0 Walgreens 0.4
Carrier Pkwy Dalworth W 1.0 Albertson 0.6
Shady Oaks Apartments, 4-Plexes 58
Dalworth 14th W s/f, Houston Elementry School 27.0
19th W 1.0 s/f, Kensigton Motor Lodge 0.3
21st W Texas Workforce Commission 0.5
23rd W 1.0 Business Park Relax Motel 0.7
Prairie Oaks Apartments
Duncan Perry W Villa Fontaine Apartments ??? 28.0
Great S/W Pkwy W 1.0 I/P 0.3
109th W I/P 0.8
6 Flags Mall-East exit W 0.9
6 Flags Mall at Dillards S 1.0 6 Flags Mall at Dillards 29.0
6 Flags-South Exit Division W No Stop 0.3
Division H360 W No Stop 0.5
Six Flags Dr W 1.0 Bus. Park 0.8
International Pkwy W 1.0 Bus. Park 30.1
Stadium/Ballpark Way N retail, Century Inn 0.7
Stadium/Ballpark Way Michener N Stonegate Pines MHP 164 0.8
Nolan Ryan Expy N 0.9
Randol Mill Rd N 1.0 Ballpark-Centerfield Exit, Arl. Visitor's Ctr 31.3
Ballpark Way/Stadium Road To Six Flags N 1.0 Six Flags Over Texas 0.5
BallPark-3rd Base Exit
Convention Center N 1.0 Arl. Convention Center 0.7
Wyndam Hotel
I-30 N 32.1
Lamar Blvd N Bank of America Bldg (7 story) 0.3
KSCS Bldg (7 story)
Spring Hill Suites
Brookhollow Plaza N Bus. Park 0.5
Ave J N Post Office, Calais Apartments 264 0.7
Friendly Village Mobile Home Park 164
Los Pobles N 1.0 Los Robles Moble Home Park 211 33.0
Brown Blvd/Ave K E 0.5 0.2
Total Pickups/Dropoffs: 64.0 Total Apartment Units Serviced= 5505
Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 4th 4th

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