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Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 4th 4th
Gv Transfer Station
Mustang WDT/121 S Classic Chevy, Retail 46.4 9.03
Mustang SW Grapevine Pkwy S s/f 48.8 9.04
SW Grapevine Pkwy WDT/121 S I/P 47.3 9.05
WDT/121 Grayson N Skatetown 47.6 9.08
Ambassador Apartments 826
Colonial Village at Grapevine Apts
Grayson SW Grapevine Pkwy I/P, Royal St Moritz Apartments 336 48.0 9.09
SW Grapevine Pkwy Mustang W I/P 9.09
Mustang Tanglewood W 9.09
Mustang GCISD Stadium W GCISD, Country Oaks Apartments 512 9.10
Lakes of Williamsburg Apartments Ending
Trailwood Mobile Home Park
Mustang Timberline W Grapevine High School Cornerstone P/S 49.1 9.11
Timberline Elementry School 0.0 7.34
Timberline Apartments 348 Beginning
Regional Place Apartments
Wheel Estates Mobile Home Park
Mustang H26 N 0.1 7.35
H26 Kimball N Heritage Business Park 0.9 7.37
Kimball Nolen N I/P 7.38
Nolen Industrial N I/P
Industrial Commerce N I/P 7.39
Commerce 1709/SL Blvd N I/P 2.0 7.41
Commerce Gateway Plaza W Retail 7.42
Gateway Plaza 1709/SL Blvd W 7.42
SLB Kimball W Walmart & Lowes
SLB Village Center Dr W Home Depot, Kroger 7.44
SLB Central W Southlake City Hall
SLB Carroll Blvd N Retail 7.45
Carroll Blvd Southcrest N Carroll Police Dept
Carroll Blvd H114 HW 4.4 7.47
H114 White Chapel Rd
H114 Kirkwood N
Kirkwood Sabre Bldg W Sabre 7.3 7.51
turnaround S
Kirkwood H114 S
Kirkwood Sabre S
Kirkwood Westlake Campus W
turnaround E Verizon, IBM, Sabre, Levi's 8.0 7.53
Westlake Campus Kirkwood N
Kirkwood Sams School Rd E Marriott
Sams School Rd Village Circle N Solana Retail Premier Academy P/S
Village Circle Marriott Hotel W 8.7 7.56
Village Circle Kirkwood N
Kirkwood H114 NW 8.9 7.57
H114 Trophy Club Dr NW No Stop 7.59
H114 Trophy Lake Dr W 8.00
H114 H170/Alliance Gateway SW No Stop 11.9 8.01
Begin Optional Complete East Alliance (avoid due to possibility of multile trains on RR track at same time, I've experienced it) (4 to 24 minutes)
H170/Alliance Gateway H377/Denton Hwy N 13.4 8.03
14.3 8.08
H377/Denton Hwy Henrietta Creek Blvd W Honeywell, APT? 240 13.9
Henrietta Creek Blvd Tom Thumb Distribution W T/Thumb, Ryder
Gateway Pkwy W I/P
Independence Pkwy I/P
Independence Pkwy turnaround area ???
End Optional Complete East Alliance
Independence Pkwy Alliance Gateway(H170) N 15.3 8.10
Victory E Zenith
Victory Nokia Guardshack E Nokia, InteSys, Mitsubishi
turnaround W I/P 15.9 8.11
Victory Independence Pkwy S Zenith 16.3 8.12
reset to:
Independence Pkwy Liberty Way W 16.6 8.13
Liberty Way Park Vista N 17.3 8.15
Park Vista Alliance Gateway(H170) W Ryder, Ameritrade Children's Courtyard 17.4 8.15
Alliance Gateway(H170) Keller-Hasslett Rd N 18.7 8.16
Begin Optional Lost Spurs Ranch Coverage (2 minutes)
Keller-Hasslett Rd Lost Creek Apt. E Lost Spurs Ranch Apartments 240 18.8 8.17
Turnaround S 18.9 8.18
Keller-Hasslett Rd Alliance Gateway(H170) W 8.18
End Optional Lost Spurs Ranch Coverage (2 minutes)
Alliance Gateway(H170) H35W Access Rd N 20.8 8.20
H35W Access Rd Westport Parkway W Marriott Residences, Hampton Inn 21.7 8.22
Westport Parkway Heritage Pkwy W Med. Alliance Health Ctr, Retail 21.9
Westport Intermodal N Gen. Mills, Michael's 22.7 8.24
Intermodal Tradewind NW Maytag
Railhead W Sabre 23.3 8.25
Railhead turnaround E Americold 23.6 8.26
Railhead Intermodal S 23.8 8.27
Intermodal Tradewind S 24.0 8.27
Intermodal Westport Pkwy E 24.4 8.28
Westport Pkwy Heritage N 25.3 8.29
Heritage Pkwy Horizon N Alliance Chamber of Commerce 25.7 8.30
Bell Helicoptor
Flight Line Rd N Gulfstream Aerospace 26.0 8.31
Alliance Blvd N 8.31
World Wide Dr N Fed Express 26.7 8.32
Longhorn Way N Galderma 27.0 8.32
Eagle Parkway W 27.5 8.33
Eagle Parkway Peterson Ct W Recaro Seats 28.1 8.34
American Way S American's Maintenance Base
turnaround in West exit 28.4 8.35
Eagle Parkway Heritage S 29.5 8.36
Eagle Parkway I35W N Valeo 29.7 8.37
I35W H114 W Sleep Inn 31.9 8.40
H114 Raceway (Texas S/Way Centre) E Creekside at Northlake Apartments 150 32.0 8.40
H114 Cleveland-Gibbs Dr E Ranch Creek Estates Mobile Home Park 150 32.7 8.41
H114 Rufe Snow/Byron Nelson E Comfort Suites 32.6 8.45
H114 Bypass Holley Pkwy S 34.6 8.43
Holley Pkwy Cannon Pkwy S Boulder Ridge Apartments 478 34.7 8.43
Cannon Pkwy Byron Nelson (Old 114) E 35.3 8.45
Byron Nelson (Old 114) Oak E Roanoke Elementry School 30 35.5 8.46
Country View Mobile Home Park
Dorman E Green Hill Estates Mobile Home Park 75
Post Ofc., Roanoke Police Dept
Old 114 H114 E 36.1 8.47
H114 Trophy Lakes Dr E no stop 8.48
Precinct Line Rd E No stop 38.0 8.49
Kirkwood E No stop 39.1 8.50
H114 Whites Chapel Rd SE no stop 40.9 8.52
H114 Carroll Rd S no stop 42.1 8.54
H114 Kimball E no stop 43.3 8.55
H114 H26/Grapevine Hwy NE 45.0 8.57
H26/Grapevine Hwy Baylor Blvd NE Baylor Grapevine 45.1 8.57
Target NE Retail 45.3 8.58
Wm. D. Tate/ Ball St S Grapevine Justice Ctr, Retail Children's 1st Academy 45.4 8.58
Wm. D. Tate/ Ball St Ball St. S Retail ?? 45.6 8.59
Arby's/Jack'n'Box S $1 Movies, Heavy Retail, Post Ofc 45.9 8.59
H121 S at Fina Station 46.3 9.01
Mustang Dr Classic Chevy, Retail 46.4 9.03
Gv Transfer Station
Total Apartments Serviced: 3385
Stops Apt. Day Care Milage Time
Street Traveling On Street Intersecting Direction Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 4th 4th

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