Paradise Road          (Part 3 of my Sin City Trilogy)


Selfie of Grapevine Texas poet Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro taken at the reception area of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino.

A poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





Responding to my muse’s calling


I returned to the scene of the crime.


For a Sin City song, that wasn’t appalling.


Done right, up the charts it’ll climb.






Fremont Street is a little too sleazy.


And I’ve penned my Vegas Strip ode.


Boulder Highway would be way too easy.


On the northern portion of Paradise Rd, Right to left, here a pic of the Siegel Suites Paradise Apartments, the unfinished Fontainebleau building, the SLS Casino Resort, and the Turnberry Towers Condos.

Which leaves me with Paradise Road.






On Paradise Road!


Yeah, Paradise Road!


Where they guarantee


A lot more smiles.


Yeah, it’ll soon be,


Your favorite four miles.


You’ll get just enough insanity.


While avoiding the sea of humanity.


Just try to curb the profanity...


On the street called Paradise Road.



Featuring the Las Vegas Landmark The Stratosphere in the background, a pic of the Siegel Suites Paradise Apartments located just across the street from the Siegel Suites St. Louis Apartments, in the area of Las Vegas called The Naked City.








Let's start our tour of this pathway premiere,


At St. Louis, and the Suites of Siegel.


Living in the shadow of the Stratosphere.


If you ask me, it sounds almost regal.







At Sahara there's a town that's unincorporated.


Bearing a gun's name, Winchester is historic.


Where millions of people have recreated,


In an atmosphere which is euphoric.





Pic of the Foxtail Pool Club at the SLS Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.




When the SLS is where I'm staying,


I'm in Miami, sans the humidity.


For those few times I don't feel like playing,


Sake from Katsuya cures my timidity.










Las Vegan ladies are anything but plain.


But at Foxtail they are pure perfection.


A Pool Club visit can bring on eye strain.


So bring your Oakley's for protection.

Photo of the Egypian queen-goddess Cleopatra at the entrance of the restuarant CLEO off the casino floor at the SLS Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.











At Umami Burger and the Beer Garden,


Or at Cleo's, is where you'll find me.


But my absence from Sayers Club, you'll have to pardon,


At least the Main Room Tables of Section 3.   [Note: $1,500 is the bottle service fee.]








Photo the Riviera Casino and Resort Las Vegas in Winchester, NV, taken just a month before it ceased operations to make room for an expansion of The Las Vegas Convention Center.  Behind it are the condos known as The Turnberry Towers.









The SLS site was once the Sahara.


It's like they say:  Out with old, in with the new.


Soon, the same fate awaits the Riviera.


It's a shame I missed it's topless revue.






Success for The Riviera was somewhat rare.


It went bankrupt three months after it opened.


The owners gave Dean Martin a ten percent share.


He'd turn things around, or so they were hopin'.

















Pic of the pink 1956 Cadillac driven by the Elvis impersonator who frequents the Westgate Resort on Paradise Road in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Note the 56ELVIS license plate.





Saw a pink Caddy in front of the Westgate.


As cars go, they don't come any plumper.


"56Elvis" was on it's license plate.


The King's ride has bullets on it's bumper.










Pic of an Elvis impersonator standing in front of the bronze statue of Elvis The King at the Westgate Resort Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.






The King lives on, I'm here to report.


Those Elvis Tribute Artists are real showmen.


I saw one in the lobby of that Siegel Resort.


Some consider that to be a good omen.







Las Vegas poetry was discussed at the Westgate Resort and Casino on Paradise Road at Riviera Blvd in Winchester, NV, home of the Westgate Superbook race and sports book.































I've heard "Good Teams Win, Great Teams Cover".


At the Westgate SuperBook that's their motto.


Try betting on sports and you'll soon discover,


There's less stress buying tickets for the lotto.






This image commemorates my pair of early morning meetings with dynamic African-American artist Bryan Sanders at the Fortuna Starbucks Coffee Shop at the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas, NV.  Bryan has performed as Bryan Sanders and the Dada Kush.




Fortuna is blessed with the perfect name.


I was fortunate to meet Bryan Sanders there.


He shared some insights into the music game.


One day he'll give my verse an urban flair.





Bryan warned of smoke dragons in our path.


A term for challenges which are imaginary.


Well, I gave that some thought, and did the math.


I've got enough for a smoke dragon menagerie.



From the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas is a cashout voucher from my Spring 2015 Las Vegas trip.



Had Lady Luck not remained back in Dallas,


My enjoyment could have reached greater heights.


This Texan need not stay in a palace,


If the slots are loose enough to excite.





Photo of the Las Vegas Monorail which runs from the SLS Resort at the North end to the MGM Grand Resort at the south end.




From here, we could take the monorail


To The Linq, I’ve heard that it’s nice.


But what’s the point, when the Holy Grail


Is right here, on Le Rue de Paradise.









A photo of the Las Vegas Convention Center on Paradise Road.




The Las Vegas Convention Center has a pavilion,


Large enough to hold the Chrome Dome Mike fan club.


Which numbers between one and, uh, seven billion.


But we’ll keep looking, cause it don’t have a pub.









CHORUS 2        [Note:  inspired by “I Enjoy Being A Girl” from the musical Flower Drum Song by Rodgers and Hammerstein.]

Original Lyrics for "I Enjoy Being A Girl"

I’m strictly a female female.

Paradise, the Las Vegas crown jewel.


And my future I hope will be,

After dark, it shines bright as the sun.


In the home of a brave and free male.

Read my poems 'bout this town, you’ll


Who enjoys being a guy

Know, where to go, to have fun…


Having a girl like me.

Yeah, the street called Paradise Road.






The Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel featuring the Five Star Envy Steakhouse has a real cool vibe.












The party never stops at the Renaissance,


Where they celebrate National Chocolate Mousse Day.


If I change my travel plans, there's still a chance


I'll be back for National Cinnamon Croissant Day.


Pic of the events screen at the Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel, documenting the fact the these party animals celebrate both National Chocolate Mousse Day and National Cinnamon Croissant Day.
























The front of the Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino on Paradise Rd in Las Vegas, Nevada .








Viewing the Mardi Gras Hotel, I was optimistic.


It's Bon Temps Cafe serves up Pulled Pork Pancakes!


But a 5-star rating might be unrealistic,


When ALL the slot machines have one penny stakes.







Photo of the Embassy Suites Convention Center on Paradise Road just across from the Wynn Golf and Country Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.






Here's one to consider for your next retreat.


If you like architecture that's contemporary.


It's the handsome hotel known as Embassy Suites.


The front glass makes it anything but ordinary.


















When Sands crosses over, going East


It transforms into East Twain Avenue.


Even a fan of the 40 ounce Beast.


Can appreciate it's vibe and (it's) value.




Las Vegas poetry takes an unexpected turn with this photo of the Fun Hog Ranch on Twain Ave, which, while reading the yelp reviews, is listed as both a dive bar and a gay bar.





In the search for new and strange, I never waiver.


So you know I'm gonna take a turn left.


A pub stop here might be for 'local flavor'.


But at home, it's usually when I'm bereft.














Photo of the bar called Maddy's on Twain in Las Vegas, NV.






Stopping off at Maddy's is a no-brainer.


Cause the menu's displayed right outside.


Get to know the locals, but don't call them 'Twainers'.


Hey, you might even meet your next bride.













A pic of Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar on Paradise Rd in Las Vegas.







Think bacon wrapped, almond and blue cheese stuffed dates.


Or a bowl of fresh baked Manchego Mac 'n' Cheese.


If that sounds good, Firefly Tapas awaits.


Their finger foods and small dishes always please.

















Check out the Fairfield Inn for Marriott's


Alternative Las Vegas interpretation.


You won't find any hookers or slots,


To detract from your meditation.










Pic of the sign above the world famous Tacos & Beer Resturant in Las Vegas, NV.







Tacos and Beer


Tacos and Beer


You know I gotta stop at


Tacos and Beer.



Here's sample of the menu from the tacos and beer cafe, one of Las Vegas' top taquerias.

But first, let me make this clear.


When they say 'tacos' and beer,


They really do mean tacos and beer.


And don't mean 'peaches' and beer.



But not to worry, all was not lost.


I had the Baja Fish and Carne Asada.


And the charro beans are well worth the cost.


Next time I'll get the Beef Adobada.







Pic of the sign for Sushi Way All You Can Eat Restaurant on Paradise Rd in Paradise, Nevada.  It's the home of all you can eat sushi in Las Vegas.




At Sushi Way you get all you can eat.


Some say it's seafood at it's pinnacle.


But cleaning four plates isn't just a feat.


For me, it's a matter of principle.



Pic of the signage along Paradise Road for the Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant which features Mediterranean food including CousCous and B'stilla with mint tea, and of course there's belly dancing in Las Vegas.








An exotic treat is next on our stroll.


Hope you've got a taste for something Moroccan.


When the belly dancers do the quarter roll.


Don't expect to hear country or rockin'.






When you order up the Six Course Feast,


Try not to fill up on the hummus.


It's a favorite of folks from the Middle-East.


I'll get B'stilla next trip, that's a promise.








CHORUS 3          [Note:  inspired by “I Enjoy Being A Girl”.]


Paradise, the Las Vegas crown jewel.


After dark, it shines bright as the sun.


Read my poems 'bout this town, you’ll


Know, where to go, to have fun…


Yeah, the street called Paradise Road.





Here's the La Quinta Inn on Paradise Road in Las Vegas, NV.






Tell your boss that you avoided distraction,


With a stay at the La Quinta Inn.


Where you can forgo all the Vegas action.


And get to sleep each night before 10.










Pic of the sign above the Las Vegas Donut House on Paradise Road.

Where ever there's fun, there's gonna be doughnuts.


And the Las Vegas Donut House fills that need.


But plan to visit AL's, if your want cronuts.


Munch down two or three, then we'll proceed.









Pic from inside the Silver Sevens Resort and Casino in Las Vegas featuring A-Play Sports Book by William Hill.





When at Silver Sevens I'm a stayer,


The Bill Hill Book might have my attention


But I'm not much of a race or sports player.


And slot machines are man's greatest invention.




Here's another neon sign from inside the Silver Seven Casino, no doubt inspired by the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada sign on the South end of The Las Vegas Strip.

























Pic of the outside of the Siver Sevens Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, featuring their $9.99 prime rib dinner, with A-Play card.






One burns lots of calories, playing black jack.


Had a late lunch, so I'm feelin' just fine.


But it's hard to pass on a between meal snack.


When the Prime Rib is only $9.99.




















Should your spouse find it hard to trust you,


In a town where temptation is everywhere.


Try nightly Skype Sex to show your love is true.


Plus you'll sleep much better, while you're there.




Photo of the Red Roof Inn on Paradise Road in Las Vegas, Nevada.






And if that's your plan, cease your hotel hunt.


With free wifi, the Red Roof Inn is perfection.


What's the deal with the carriage parked out front?


The owner's got New Orleans connections.




Photo of the white carriage parked in front of The Red Roof Inn on Paradise Road in Las Vegas, Nevada.



A picture of the huge Les Paul guitar which sits in front of the Hard Rock Cafe on Paradise Road in Las Vegas.  Just behind it is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.




The Hard Rock Resort has quite a selection.


Of guitars, and each has a story to tell.


But play an axe from my Daisy Rock Collection,


And your Gibson or Fender your gonna sell.





When the Rehab Pool is where I'm patrollin'


The dress code is one word:  revealing.


I'll find a lass with legs like Kelly Rowland.


I love to hear her sing out "What a Feeling".






I can't get enough of Kelly's gyrations,


Over Alex Gaudino's hard driving groove.


But I'm glad I'm confident in my orientation,


A pic of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, a resort which has a huge guitar collection and also features the music venue which they call The Joint.

When watching those men of color move.





Missing Friday Night Live is a real bummer.


But my muse called me down to Tombstone.


I wear a hat and long sleeves, even in summer,


Cause my vitiligo makes me sunburn prone.







P ic of the beer barrels which sit in front of the Hofbrau Haus German Restaurant at Paradise and Harmon in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It features some fine beers and a very Germanic feeling dining area.





They served me a lager at the Hofbrau Haus.


'Twas an awesome mix of German hops and grain.


But red ale worship is what I espouse,


Once I discovered Hop Nuts down on Main.





CHORUS 4        [Note:  inspired by “I Enjoy Being A Girl” from the musical Flower Drum Song by Rodgers and Hammerstein.]


Paradise, the Las Vegas crown jewel.


After dark, it shines bright as the sun.


Read my poems 'bout this town, you’ll


Know, where to go, to have fun…


Yeah, the street called Paradise Road.





Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2015.  All rights reserved.  Also, I make no claim to the top photo taken by the photo kiosk at the Westgate Resort Las Vegas.


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