The Las Vegas Strip        (Part 1 of my Sin City Trilogy)


Defining La Joie de Vegas, this Las Vegas poem benefits greatly from this view of the resorts along the Las Vegas strip, including The Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, and The Mirage, as viewed by my favorite son-in-law Marty from just south of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

A poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


Read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.






A Las Vegas trip is long overdue.


You've even dreamed of becoming a Nevadan.


Read my little poem about 702,


And I promise that your spirits will gladden.






I woke up this morning from a REM sleep.


Visions of Vegas dancing in my head.


At my itinerary I take a peep.


It's time to get my ass out of bed.





To burn that bitch down, that's my intention.


Or at least make sure I leave an impression.


Cover art for the Engelbert Humperdinck Live concert DVD, on which I'd expect to find his audio masterpieces "After The Lovin'" and "Quando, Quando, Quando".

Last Vegas trip I worked a convention.


And I didn't need to make a confession.





I guess that's true for sins of commission.


But, to be honest, there was one small crime.


So what was that sin of omission?


I failed to see Engelbert in his prime.





So, Mayor Goodman, put FEMA on speed dial.


Because even though my stay will be brief,


With the bankrupt casino count I compile,


You're gonna need disaster relief.







On Spirit from DFW we proceed.


Paid for a water, coach class is tight.


Reading Rolling Stone, about Lou Reed.


And how gerrymandering wins the fight.





At $40 a bag, I packed with care,


Excluding everything that was optional.


But one doesn't need to bring much active wear,


If the activities planned are conjugal.





My eyes are closed in hope of slumber,


The Captain says the time is 10:10.


Hot damn, ten is my lucky number.


I can’t wait for the games to begin.





Asleep I dream that The Matrix is Vegas.


I hit the strip with Agent Smith, and his clones.


Why would I choose the blue pill and vagueness?


Smith offered to pay off my student loans.



A photo of The Grand Canyon taken from an airplane.  The jet fighter is likely from the Arizona Air National Guard.



I awake to the sound of confusion.


And people looking out of their windows.


The source of their awe:  The Grand Canyon


And it stretches out forever below.






Last time I saw it was in ’71,


Before I left the Valley of the Sun.


Where I attended the same schools as Wayne Newton.


They were North Phoenix High and Emerson.






My buddy has the standard Vegas dream:


Kick some bootie at the blackjack table.


Sample Guy Fieri's Flavortown cuisine.


Meet a current version of Betty Grable.





But in my Sin City fantasy,


I'm eating pizza made by Wolfgang's own hand.


While hearing my lyrics "Red Light Rhapsody"


Sung by Katy at the MGM Grand.






Touching down at the McCarran Airport,


Maybe this trip I’ll grab a little sun.


Win or loose, I’m gonna be a good sport.


But we all know winning's more fun.





The house will win, for worse or better.


Whether you’re a potentate or a waiter.


Loosing is what brings us together.


It’s a true common denominator.




A photo of the House of the Dead EX slot machine by the folks at IGT International Game Technology. It has kicked my butt on many occasions.


What's more, casinos have a higher mission:


Uniting the ‘haves’ with the ‘have nots’.


To join the ‘haves’, you should study “The System.”


It’s my formula for beating the slots.





"The House of the Dead EX" is a game


I hope to avoid here in Vegas town.


Cause the end result is always the same:


My blood pressure's up, bank balance is down.





The scars are deep from this adversary.


In Biloxi, we battled at The Grand.


At Choctaw, I ran for sanctuary,


Because it felt like Custer's last stand.





But the soundtrack draws me back for more.


So like in Groundhogs Day, I relive my blunder.


Yet even those with a low IQ score,


Can see that this game's got my number.





Photo of the flowers of a prickly pear cactus taken outside of the Taco Casa in Colleyville, Texas 2014.

Here's a disclaimer some find reassuring:


"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."


But Sin City doesn't look less alluring,


When one's behavior's not that outrageous.





I take pics with my cell phone deftly,


Then use them to enhance my written ode.


But here I'm hesitant to post a selfie,


For fear I might violate The Code.





We board The Deuce at The Strip’s South end,


Both ready to challenge the odds.


'No reservations' is hard to comprehend.


We put our fates in the hands of the gods.





Riding North through the County of Clark,


Our feelings of righteousness seem less devout.


We're searching for a sign to disembark,


That says: “Hey idiots, time to get out.”





From up top we see Luxor and Mandalay,


Monte Carlo and King Arthur’s Sword.


I'd like to see the view at midnight from Drai's.


But the T-shirt's all we can afford.



Players cards from three of the Fremont Street Experience casinos, Binions's Gambling Hall players card, the Royal Players Club card of the Four Queens Resort Las Vegas, and The D Club players card issued by The D Resort Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas.

Pic of my MGM M-life Sapphire players card and my Caesars Resorts Total Rewards players card.  I'm a member of both of these casino bonus rewards programs.





While my wallet is bulging at the seams.


It's with players cards instead of money.


I scored them for house credits to redeem,


Which spends so fast it isn't funny.







Blank Seven Stars member cardVERSE 26


It's no surprise I'm in the Mlife fold,


But my tier is just a lowly Sapphire.


And while Total Rewards still has me at Gold,


It's Seven Stars to which I aspire.







For country fans, try Scotty Alexander


Cards for the Winstar Club Passport players club and the Choctaw Rewards players program

At The Tropicana.  He's one of the best.


But we're hankerin' for something that's grander.


So I guess we're gonna stay on the quest.







The nightclub scene held lots of intrigue,


'Til my buddy's warning made me nervous.


He said:  "You're likely out of your league


If a babe insists on bottle service."





I told him:  "Dude, on my biz don't dwell."


Then he googled the average Grey Goose price.




Back home, we treat the girls to White Zinfandel,


Or some light beers in a bucket of ice.





Rockin' my stylish new Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas bowling shirt which was purchased from the good folks at

Las Vegas poetry is represented at the bowling alley by Chrome Dome Mike in the bowling alley at the iT'Z Family Food & Fun in Euless, Texas.



Bad news, I forgot my garment bag.


So, new evening plans are the assignment.


Looks like the Brooklyn Bowl has a good price tag.


Besides, bowling shirts reflect my refinement.






We'll throw some strikes, then rock till we drop.


And while we're there, let's check out The Linq.


Go on, take the High Roller, right to the top.


I'm scared of ladders, so what do you think!?!







One evening we should take in a show.


And spend an afternoon in a cabana.


Some moves they bust in VIP bungalows,


Are still illegal in Indiana.




Uber manscaping is required to achieve a look this clean. That's right, I'm a photophop master.


We men make so many concessions,


So we can sag our shorts down to the package.


Such as our monthly manscaping sessions.


Some have to stop at belt cleavage.





But when I'm trolling MGM's Ultra Pool


It won't be for a crappie or a bass.


My Adonis belt will make the ladies drool.


Their high expectations...I'll surpass.





Ah hell, who am I trying to fool?!?


I deal with issues about exposing my junk.


Just one inch below the naval, that's my rule,


Even if the band's bringing The Funk.



The New York New York Resort Las Vegas, taken from a booth in the Denny's on Las Vegas Blvd, right across from the Monte Carlo, in the heart of The Las Vegas Strip.  The NY, NY casino is home to Zumanity, and the America Restaurant, which serves up the best Corn Beef Hash ever.




Maybe New York New York is where we should stay.


Where the cronuts and corn beef hash win awards.


Choosing between Zumanity and their buffet...


Gimme the melons at the smorgasbord.




Photo of the bread pudding found by the author at the buffet of The Westgate Resort and Casino.



That's what we called buffets back in the day,


When my fav was bread pudding with lemon sauce.


Now there's sushi, curry, stir fry and pate.


There's still bread pudding, but with bourbon sauce.




BRIDGE #1 - The LDR Bridge


Here in Las Vegas


It's never boring.


It's an oasis


Where there's no snoring.



Lola Falana,


Her age is bygone.


Now we've got Lana,


The Queen of Saigon.



"National Anthem"


I'll cut her some slack.


Cause if I condemn...


Pot call the kettle black.



Behold the incredible Veer Towers, a Mark Pordes Residential property located right on The Strip, where Jim Navarro is Vice President of Sales.  Photograph taken by the author in April 2015, though one tower is suspected of suffering from problems with the design or construction materials.








Mañana, it's Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam.


But tonight we party into the wee hours.


City Center's architects hit a grand slam.


We're amazed by those leaning Veer Towers.





But you know those condos are a tough sale,


Cause falling out of bed is hard to abide.


They probably throw in a free bed rail.


Or blocks, to raise a bed's down hill side.





Note the incredible architechture of City Center Las Vegas, including the Veer Towers, the Aria Casino, and the Mandrin Oriental Resort Hotel on Las Vegas Blvd.






Mandarin orange slices are a refreshing snack after any form of vigorous activity, as is the contents of a size 303 can of fruit cocktail.




As I look upon the Mandarin O.,


I'm reminded of mandarin oranges.


I'd share a can, in the afterglow,


With the coeds at my colleges.








Who knows what awaits us at The Aria.


We could meet a Morgendorffer sister.


I hope it's Quinn, cause my love for Daria


Is platonic, I wouldn't have kissed her.






But if Daria has been doing her squats,


A tight skirt could change my impression.


Pic of a floral arrangement on display at The Mirage Resort Casino in Las Vegas featuring the beautiful bird of paradise flower.

If she'd try to take my mind off the slots,


I'd do my part to change her expression.






The Hard Rock's guitars await our inspection.


But it's way over on Paradise Road.


Besides, I've got a Washburn axe collection


Hanging on the walls of my humble abode.



VERSE:  44


I’ve heard 'La Joie de Vivre' is Français


For what we call 'The Joy of Life' down in Texas.


But either way, that feeling’s never passé,


Because La Joie de Vegas is infectious.




Here's a nice pic of The Mirage Casino Resort taken from Las Vegas Blvd, where Beatlemania mushrooms thanks to "The Beatles Love", a Cirque Du Soleil show.







Cafe's in the strip's Gallic pretender,


Serve French cuisine, and fifty forms of fromage.


The world's worst Beatlemania offender


Has heads displayed, and it's called The Mirage.





Please don't assume that we're Beatle haters.


I once had Sgt. Pepper on cassette.


But when choosing our first impersonators,


Bet on Elvis, not a Liverpool quartet.





Cover art of the Sgt. Pepper album by the Andy Timmons Band of DFW, Texas, featuring Andy on guitar and vocals.






Cast Andy Timmons in George Harrison's role!


Now that would get us out of this shuttle.


But if Tomy and Mark don't feel this is droll,

This is my high school friend Kathy London of Austin, TX, with University of Texas volleyball and basketball player Sara Hattis, photo taken in Louisville, KY after Texas won the NCAA championship in 2012.


They might issue a shoe toe rebuttal.









A note to the show girls:  I'm not a baller.


Just a 5-9 onion (lots of layers).


But I've got a thing for gals 6 ft or taller,


Including Longhorn volleyball players.








Speaking of chicks, I got Cupid to come.


And this time we've got a new strategy.


No more holding back, then picking off 'The One.'


He's gonna shoot at every female we see.


Pic of the world famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel at the Super 8 Hotel North Strip on Las Vegas Blvd, with The Stratosphere Las Vegas in the background.






So what, my plan isn't chivalrous.


Hey, with ethics you don't see me grapple.


Besides, your objections will seem frivolous,


When I'm standing in the Wedding Chapel.






One thing that every female finds amazing


Is fountains, and Bellagio's are heaven.


But other Vegas sights need our appraising.


Besides, we’ve OD’d on Oceans Eleven.






A Caesar salad changed my life, for sure.


I watched it's preparation by my table.


With each bite I was wrapped in fine couture.


Classic cuts, handsome hues, soft as sable.




VERSE 53-a


The Poker World Series was birthed by Binion.


Those winner's bracelets are uber clinquant.


I'd be rockin' mine at the high school reunion.


Or pawn it, if the light bill's delinquent.



VERSE 53-b


The Poker World Series was birthed by Binion.


Those winner's bracelets are uber clinquant.


I'd be rockin' mine at my college reunion.


At either Louisville or at DePauw.




Pic of Caesars Man cologne.  I have asthma, so I don't actually use any mens cologne, but do wish I could.




For my evening scent, I've chosen Caesars Man.


Just one sniff and the ladies start twerking.


So I'm sure you can easily understand,


Why it's been banned at the place where I'm working.

Pic of a spray bottle of Vegas Playboy men's cologne, or if you prefer, eau de toilette.  And no, I don't use any cologne because I have asthma, and am allergic to most fragrances, including strong laundry detergents such as Tide and Gain.






It's Vegas Playboy I spray on each morning.


It says that I'm sensitive yet savage.


But don't make too much of that fragrant warning.


The poetic status quo is what I ravage.







To those with a healthy taste for libations,


I'll quote the wisdom of Dirty Harry:


"A man's gotta know his limitations."


The bottom line...your results may vary.





So as we explore the 'Jewel of the Southwest',


Let's not get over served by a bartender.


Cause I've heard the rooms get one star, at best,


At the Clark County Detention Center.

A pic of Sin City's answer to the chicken salad sandwich, the lobster sliders served at the Delmonico Steakhouse, a cafe owned by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse at the the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.






Emeril's got a place at The Venetian.


We've gotta give his lobster sliders a try.


So before our visit reaches completion...


I'll have the 'Sex on a Bun' with spiced fries. >>>>>


And the organic baby mixed greens salad.





My set of drinking glasses featuring the images of the Pawn Stars of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, bought at Choctaw Casino in Durant, OK.



The choice of where we bunk is not paramount.


Staying at The Four Queens is no disgrace.


But if we ride all the way to Fremont,


Let's stop over at the Pawn Stars place.







Is that an alien spacecraft that's above the Fashion Show Mall, seemingly about to crash into the Trump Resort in Las Vegas?



The Deuce is way better than a taxi.


From our top level seats we discover.


A ship which came from another galaxy.


We get off across from where it hovers.



One of the waterfalls just outside the west entrance of The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas.





As the Vegas heat makes us swelter


We find the sound of waterfalls inviting.


Then we cross a bridge, over white water.


This trip is starting to get exciting.





Pic of a cardigan sweat by Brioni Men's Clothing, which has a boutique in the esplanade of The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.






In the Wynn Esplanade I understood,


Why they say:  “Beelzebub Wears Brioni”


In a sweater that fly, I’d be looking good.


Gosh, I hope that didn’t come off as phony.





You see, back home when we're poppin’ some tags,


We're at a Thrift Shop or a Discount Store.


But Wynn soon has us shoppin’ for bags


By Chloe, Vuitton, Givenchy, and Dior.





No, we're not trying to accessorize.


We're scouting the talent in those boutiques.


Las Vegan ladies are easy on the eyes.


Such behavior in males is not unique.





Inspiration for my Las Vegas Strip poetry can be credited to The Wynn Resort Las Vegas, named after casino developer Steve Wynn, taken from The Deuce bus stop on Las Vegas Blvd in front of Fashion Show Mall.


I know that holding a hook back is wrong.


And it's a crime if the chorus is late.


But hey, this is a poem, and not a song.


Still, I think you'll find it's worth the wait.





Why let the pressures of life


Serve to enslave us.


When the pleasures are rife


In Las Vegas.


Grab a few bucks, and set a date,


With Lady Luck, in the Silver state.


But before you let the play begin,


Make sure that you stay at The Wynn.



Photo of the "Oh, Yeah" show as viewed from the North Show Terrace at The Lake of Dreams at The Wynn Resort Las Vegas Nevada.




The Lake of Dreams impresses in so many ways.


No doubt the “Oh, Yeah” show is sensational.


In fact I award it my highest praise:


It's artistically inspirational.





Not long ago, my muse suggested I write


Something which conveys my message with passion.


After seeing “Oh Yeah”, I thought that I might,


Do a verse in a similar fashion…



A Las Vegas Rock keychain, including the image of the classic WELCOME to Fabular Las Vegas, Nevada sing on the body of the electric guitar.





Las Vegas Rocks, Las Vegas Rocks, Las Vegas Rocks, Las Vegas Rocks,


Las Vegas Rocks, Las Vegas Rocks, Las Vegas Rocks, Las Vegas Rocks.


Photo of the fake rose covered carousel in The Atrium area of The Wynn Resort Las Vegas, on The Vegas Strip.

Poet Chrome Dome Mike in front of the fake rose covered hot air balloon in the artium of the Wynn Las Vegas Resort.  Photo taken by Ms Fernanda Persson.












Approaching Chanel tickles our noses,


So I blame the fragrances that they sell.


But in the Atrium, covered with roses:


An awesome hot air balloon and carousel.









Evidence of my slot machine mastery in the form of a cashout vouchers from the Wynn Resort Las Vegas.

Image from the slot machine Van Helsing at the Wynn Resort Las Vegas.



The casino has its share of gaming features.


I enjoy Li’l Red and Van Helsing.


The cocktail waitress is a gorgeous creature.


This place really has my heart pulsing.





A versifier keeps a stock phrase supply.


Like: "It's darkest just before the roster crows."


But I can assure you that doesn't apply,


To pre-dawn at Sin City casinos.





The Tiny Baubles lady has a name


Like a song by Sarah McLachlan.


If I had beaten that Dracula game,


A Karloff watch is what I’d be rockin’.




A groovy light cover on the wall around Penske-Wynn Ferrari showroom at The Wynn Resort Las Vegas.




To those who subscribe to The Robb Report:


The place to buy Ferraris is Penske Wynn.


While we’re here, might as well get an import.


Hell, I even brought my check book and pen.






But sadly, their inventory comes up short.


No bitchin' Testarossa, Type F110.


Guess I’ll have to keep missing that Escort,


Until my new dream car gets traded in.






All are on their cell phones as they walk


From the theater for Le Reve – The Dream.


Oblivious as they skype, text and talk.


It's straight from a pick pocket’s dream.





Ahead is The Encore, it’s so damn stylish.


Don’t change the channel, forget what’s in the fridge.


You need a drink like the Chrome Dome needs a stylist.


Quoting Timberlake:  “Take it to the bridge.”



BRIDGE #2 - The Metaphor Bridge


Pic of the famous Las Vegas resorts The Wynn Las Vegas and The Encore on the Las Vegas Strip.  Taken at either sunset or sunrise.

These twin towers are the alpha and omega.


They’re Monaco, and Talladega.


They’re Nancy Pelosi and Sarah Palin.


They’re Garth Brooks and Van Halen.


They’re an Escalade and a Ferrari.


They’re Home Cooking and Calamari.


They’re Michael Crichton and Dr. Seuss.


They’re Jupiter and they’re Zeus.


They're Emily Blunt and Hope Solo.


They're Ann Hathaway and Janeane Garofalo.


They’re Lucy Lawless and Lucy Liu.


Yeah, time to move on,


Cause that's Lucy times two.


Or greater still...Lucy Squared.


Photo of the pool at the Nightclub XS at The Encore Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.  The photographer is my son-in-law, Marty.





The Encore Esplanade is both posh and cool,


Next time we’ll have to try the nightclub XS.


And scope the marine life in that Beach Club pool.


Encore Casino's food court does impress.





The Botero steak house menu reveals,


“Only the best” is what their chefs insist.


They serve Hudson Valley Foie Gras with their meals,


I'm gonna add that to my bucket list.





But food that exotic, it can make one blue.


So brother, if you’re stomach problem prone,


Take some ProBiotics, here's what they do:


Optimize the time you spend on the throne.






We bypass Sinatra’s, but then I’m sure,


For drinking and eating it'll do just fine.


But if, just once, I could have hit Frank pure,


It would have been well worth the jail time.





Now please don’t think it’s an Italian thing.


I love Jim Croce and Perry Como.


I just don’t like cocky jerks who sing,


I feel the same about Elvis Costello.





But, what if Frank was as sweet as spice cake, 


And his arrogance was just a fable?


Then, if someone said: "I've got your 'just one take',


And it's hanging", that wouldn't have been fatal.





You know, it's best that a man of such acclaim,


Will never hear today's dance music examples.


Or that he'd be joined, in the Music Hall of Fame,


By gents whose talent is replaying samples.





Then Frank might recant his Vegas loyalty,


Thinking the whole scene's just like one big rave.


The current crop of house music royalty,


Has Sinatra break dancing in his grave.





Artists have always asked for all that they could,


But what Vegas DJ's make is pornographic.


Yet I have to admit, even dubstep sounds good


Compared to the best of Korn and Traffic.





Or anything by an auto-tune abuser.


Some say that Cher's "Believe" is that genre's urtext.


For a comeback, she caved to the producer.


There's no guarantee I won't be next.







In a penthouse suite I want 5 Stars or more,


So when my ship comes in, here’s where I’m moving…


To a Duplex Apartment at The Encore.


In hopes my art would soon be improving.






Up there, I'd have many angles to scope.


The living room will have a view of the strip.


The bedrooms look over Spring Mountains, I'd hope.


And the golf course, from where coffee I sip.


An example of the art work found in the halls of The Wynn Resort and The Encore Resorts on Las Vegas Blvd.

Take note of the butterflies on the floor of the hallways of The Wynn Resort on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada








Artistic features are along every wall.


I mean, everywhere you look you'll see 'em.


With all the beauty in these handsome halls,


I'd hang out here, not a museum.










My mother-in-law, Charita Hillman (sadly, now the late Mrs. B. M. Hillman) doing what she does best, playing the slot machines at Southern Oklahoma casinos in The Choctaw Casino in Durrant & The Winstar Resort in Thackerville.

Pic taken by the author of the pool at The Grand Casino in Biloxi, MS, whith is now the Harrah's Gulf Coast Resort and Casino.






I'm well known at other gaming venues.


The Indian Nations comp my diet cokes.


Now Bossier City, I just drive on through,


To Biloxi, where I've taken my folks.













At the Encore and The Wynn Las Vegas Resorts you'll find a butterfly on the floor every 10 feet.  They are beautiful.

A pic of the cashier area of the Wynn Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.




And while that's all fun, let me make this clear:


At The Wynn I feel joy and elation!


If I became better friends with their cashier.


I could afford this new infatuation.









Take note of the butterflies on the floor of Las Vegas resort The Encore on the Las Vegas Strip.






On a hot streak, beating every game I play.


Then out of no where, my luck goes awry.


Didn't see a sign, had to learn the hard way,


That it's bad luck to step on a butterfly.






For such times, I've got a mojo therapy.


Sharing my secret can't do any harm.


Fact is, the ultimate bad luck remedy


No poem is complete without a Luck Charms reference.

Is a big bowl of Lucky Charms.





Marshmallows are the active ingredient.


But they have to be blue, pink, green and yellow.


While straight from the box sounds more expedient,


Without milk it's just a placebo.






We skip the Wynn Golf and Country Club,


On the links we feel somewhat like strangers.


And yes, we love golf.  But, here’s the rub…


We’re what they call Driving Rangers.





Now, that concludes our tour of the Wynn Resort,


Y’all drop by on your next Vegas trip.


One weekend stay, and you too will report,


Steve’s got the coolest place on The Strip.





Some Boston killjoys hate seeing Wynn expand.


They’re not big on the idea of free will.


But Chrome Dome Mike has a backup plan:


Put slot machines in Cheers Beacon Hill.



Time for another chorus!





Why let pressures of life


Serve to enslave us.


When pleasures are rife


In Las Vegas.


Grab a few bucks, and set a date,


With Lady Luck, in the Silver state.


But before you let the play begin,


Make sure that you stay at The Wynn.






When her eyes met mine, I knew it was right.


The Cole Haans in my closet in 2014...Morris Wingtip Oxford in Olive Green, Chukka Boot in Navy Blue, and Jayhawker Wingtip Oxford II in Cordovan.

It's like, the casino hall just went quiet.


Man I swear, it was either love at first sight,


Or someone slipped gluten in my diet.





She smiled and pointed down at my shoes,


And guessed "Allen Edmonds?", by their appearance.


I replied, knowing I had little to loose:


"Naw, they're just Cole Haans I bought on clearance."



A quote from the lyrics of the song "Fill The World With Love" by Leslie Bricusse from the soundtrack of the movie Goodbye, Mr. Chips.  The song can also be found on The Richard Harris Love Album, but without this middle verse.



It's hard to play the part of the alpha male,


When short on money, height and savoir-faire.


But quoting "Fill The World With Love" seldom fails,


Even with green eyed blondes, and those are rare.





Hoping from roulette we'd soon be adjourning,


I whispered:  "I'm a lover not a bettor.


But be warned, my lady, there's no returning


Once you've been with a man of letters."



BRIDGE #3 - Le Bridge de L'Amour


Our love song started soft and kind,


Like the sweet tweets of a sparrow.


In the elevator she pulled me close.



Feeling I represented all mankind,


I listened to Rafael Palmeiro.


Hoping the result would be grandiose.



The music we made, once we intertwined,


Wasn't a waltz or a bolero.


More like Symphony Fantastique by Berlioz.



But it never crossed the mind


Of this not-so-gay caballero


That she'd soon be saying "adios."





The morning light found me alone in bed,


Had she gone to get a Chrome Dome Mike tattoo?


A chip was on her pillow, with a card that said:


"You're sweet.  Now get some shoes that fit you."






Did that cold shot test my fortitude?


You bet.  I started to get my drink on.


But then the phone rang, it was a hedge fund dude.


He said his name was Carl Icahn.





Photo of the Fontainebleau building structure in Las Vegas as taken by the author from across from the SLS Resort Casino.

He shared how he'd bought a Vegas tower


But ceased building before they were through with it.


Why call a poet, at this early hour?


For ideas on what the hell to do with it.





My buddy asked what the tower was named.


I remembered it was French...something blue?


My buddy's eyes widened and then he exclaimed:


"Holy shit, he's got The Fontainebleau."





While I hadn't hatched any new opinions.


Telling Carl that via email would be wrong.


Hell, I'm the Chrome Dome, not one of his minions.


Nothing says "Tear That Sucker Down" like a song.






I thought long and hard about a relyric

"That's the look.  That's the look.  The look of love"         

Of "Look of Love" by Aussie band ABC.

- becomes -                                        

It has the perfect Vegas atmospherics.

"Time to raze.  Time to raze.  The Fontainebleau."          

But the video was the worst in history.





I considered Spandau Ballet's "With The Pride".

"Leave me with the pride."

It's much more soulful, yet not full on blue.                      

- becomes -

But the subject's of little interest outside,

"Raze the Fontainebleau."

A tiny group, who'd not send a thank you.





Then there's Sadaka's "Laughter in The Rain."

"Ooooh, I hear laughter in the rain."

I do love the chord change into the refrain.

- becomes -

But relyricing is such a royal pain.

"Yeaaah, time to raze the Fontainebleau."

And there's a chance the writers will complain.





Well, it didn't take long for me to deduce,


What we needed here was a clean sheet jingle.


I gave a telepathic call to my muse.


In no time flat my brain started to tingle.





But the message I received made me frown.


There's another song about demolition?!?


So I googled: John Miles Pull The Damn Thing Down


Then stopped my project before it's fruition.





Not good.  Because my fee was already spent.


But in a bind, my creativity had risen.


What to make of a hotel with floors of cement?


...wait for it...


The Fontainebleau Minimum Security Prison!





What's more, there could be new jobs for the inmates.


To better prepare for what the straight world contains.


Instead of making Nevada license plates,


They could craft "Welcome to Las Vegas" keychains.






Once home, I still had lots of queries.


So I headed straight to a pawn shop.


From whence I scored Las Vegas the series.


And went through the first season nonstop.





Caan was better in Alien Nation.


But Marsha's accent increased my enjoyment.


Vanessa was a 10 by my calculation.


Molly got boring once she found employment.





Now why did I watch a second season,


When Josh isn't what I'd call a showman?


Nikki Cox's neckline was the reason.


She rocks a strapless dress like Wonder Woman!



Photo of the Wonder Woman Gold slot machine by Bally Technologies and Scientific Games, which recently went through a merger.





I don't mean to sound at all berating,


When discussing the female casts' figures.


But I haven't seen anything so titillating,


Since Dean Martin debuted The Golddiggers.





Trixie and Al on the balcony of The Gem Saloon.


I've devised a system with which to score


All the places where adults could have fun.


The Gem Saloon in Deadwood gets a 4,


While a bingo hall just gets a 1.





So which resort do I think the most of?


At 8.5, The Wynn tops the tally!


If it had live music I'd give it more love,


A ficticious business card for the make believe position of poet in residence from The Wynn Resort Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

(And a chili parlor and bowling alley.)





It’s true, I think The Wynn Resort is dandy.


Come one and all, be ye scribes or Presidents.


I’m hoping that Wynn keeps my number handy,


Should they need a poet in residence.



Time to wind down...





I'm not the only one severely smitten,


With the grooviest street in this republic.


It's for those kindred spirits that I have written


The definitive text on the subject.






Shaming Vegas is what some would have me do.


They're dead set against what my verses extol. I remind them...


One can't fire cheap shots at 702,


And not hit society as a whole.



But let's try one verse their way...





I ceased to be concerned with purity,


When I boarded that bus bound for Winstar.


Now the only thing I know with surety:


It's best to love a gambler from afar.





Ha!  I had you going there, didn't I?


No, I haven't partook of The Chronic.


It was wrong, true that, but here's my alibi:


I'd like this poem to be iconic.



My dream of achieving Las Vegas immortality with a 'Chrome Dome Way' rename of a short section of Rue De Monte Carlo between Las Vegas Blvd and Audrie Street.  That's where the Denny's sits, across from the Monte Carlo Casino Resort, caddy corner from the New York, New York Casino Resort, and just down the road from the MGM Grand Resort Complex and City Center which includes Aria and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Casino.




Life, as a poet, is a rough row to hoe,


If one's art is prosaic or tawdry.


I hope they rename Rue de Monte Carlo


To Chrome Dome Way, between The Strip and Audrie.






For your convenience, here's the FAQ:


1.  Yes, I'm sure I did not buy a purse.


2.  I prefer coffee that's been cold brewed.


3.  No, your precious time I won't reimburse.






Copyright © Michael Kimbro 2014.  All rights reserved.


Here are a few more samples of the cool treatments I encountered within the halls of The Wynn and The Encore:


An example of the art work found on the walls of The Wynn Resort and The Encore Resorts on the Las Vegas Strip.

Art work found within the halls of The Wynn and Encore Resorts in Las Vegas, NV.


A groovy ceiling appointment with sky light at The Wynn Resort Las Vegas.

Incredible art is on display everywhere in the halls of The Wynn Resort Las Vegas and The Encore on Las Vegas Blvd in Sin City, USA.



PS - As I did with my poem about high frequency securities trading, "The Colocation Center", (probably my best work, IMHO), I'd like to close out by sharing a few verses which didn't make the final cut.


Before Verse 85 took it's final form, it began as:


VERSE:  Paul Oakenfold


But all that said, no one will debate


That Oakenfold's disciples do know what sells.


And I have to admit, it all sounds great


Compared to prog rock's Tubular Bells.



Outside of the casino and resort scene, about the only thing I knew about the City of Las Vegas was the University of Nevada Las Vegas, the area's center of higher learning.  They are the UNLV Rebels.  Ole Miss is also the Rebels.  I like Ole Miss, so much so that I took both of my children to Oxford, Mississippi on separate campus visits.  So I tried to have a little fun with the term 'Rebel':




And since the UNLV campus is near,


Maybe a college tour is what we should do.


At Ole Miss they say Rebel trim has no peer.


If that's true in Oxford, why not Vegas too?



I tried to squeeze in a nod to The Hooters Hotel and Resort.  But from what I gathered from a quick web site visit, it looks like they've jumped on the Margaritaville bandwagon.  Sadly, I don't own a pair of flip-flops, and I don't do tequila, so I'm not much of a 'parrot head'.  So this was the best I could do, and it wasn't nearly good enough:


VERSE:  Hooters


I doubt that Hooters is where we'll be staying.


But we could stop and pick up a calendar.


While orange hot pants are great for role playing,


For lodging we're somewhat particular.



And while this poem is heavy in PG-13 innuendo, I have attempted to soften it up in that regard, as is evidenced by the following original verse versions:


VERSE:  Original 24


From up top we see Luxor and Mandalay,


Monte Carlo and King Arthur’s Sword.


And while Zumanity might be somewhat risqué,


Did it win the “Best Toplessness” award?



VERSE:  Original 38


Speaking of something which might give one wood.


And I don’t mean the kind which comes from a tree.


The art around Aria sure looks good.


And the architecture is something to see.



In addition to verse # 40, I had penned the following verse as part of a nod to the Mandarin Oriental Resort Las Vegas:


VERSE:  Asian Beauties


If we hook up with some Asian beauties.


The phrase that pays is "living in the now".


We're gonna blow off our sightseeing duties,


If it's golfer Grace Park and Michelle Yeoh.



While my son, Marshall, is a big fan of Allen Edmunds men's shoes, their stuff is just too pricy for me.  I had penned a couple verses toying with this reality, but later my mention of Allen Edmunds (handled in a positive way) in verse #99 made the following two verses pointless [granted...they were always pointless!  ;~) ]:


VERSE:  Allen Edmonds Clothing


But in my Montecito fantasy,


Suite 4825 was the room I chose.


Winning $80 large was pure ecstasy.


I started buying Allen Edmonds clothes.



VERSE:  Allen Edmonds Shoes


Now you know I think their shoes are dope.


And they'd be perfect if I drove a Lexus.


But I'm avoiding that slippery slope,


Cause it's ropers with jeans here in Texas.



Since I'm all about live music, the concept of The Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas simply blew my mind.  So much so that I designed the fabulous bowling shirt pictured above, with the help of the good folks at  So, when I needed to get back to Las Vegas to collect some unique imagery for a song about Sin City, I wanted to experience The Linq Casino, where the Brooklyn Bowl is located.  This was particularly true since The Linq Casino was about to take on and completely retheme the hotel space of The Quad Resort & Casino in late October 2014.


Anyway, feeling that I'd probably given The Wynn sufficient glorification, I contacted the folks at Caesars Resorts and offered up the following alterations:


VERSE:  119 Linq alternate


So which resort do I think the most of?


At 9.5, The Linq tops the tally!


While a comp might have bought it a little love,


It's got live music and a bowling alley.



VERSE:  120 Linq alternate


It’s true, I think The Linq Resort is dandy.


Come one and all, be ye scribes or Presidents.


I’m hoping that they keep my number handy,


Should they need a poet in residence. exchange for a basic 3-4 day comp on food and lodging.


While that stay never materialized, (I had no idea that Caesars Entertainment Corp. was just a few months from filing for bankruptcy), I feel it was important to the process of writing this poem.  You see, at that point in late September 2014, I was quite satisfied with 99 verses, one bridge, and a chorus.  But the feelings of hope and anxiety and conflictedness and anticipation and anguish which I experienced during the week spent awaiting a reply to that comp request provided the inspirational fuel for two more bridges and 26 more verses, including my personal favorite, verse number 121.  Seriously, I need to thank the folks at Caesars for giving me the silent treatment, as it rekindled my passion for the project.


The budding young poets and lyricist out there can learn from my example.  If you're looking for inspiration, go after that which is (in your mind) pretty much unattainable, then kick back and savor the rush of feelings which the experience precipitates.  Then, however it all turns out, never be bitter, because the phrase which applies here is:


"Thanks for playing!"


Obviously, writing my Las Vegas ode was indeed a blast.  But I doubt that I will ever indulge myself to this extent again.


Thanks for your time.