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Apt. Day Care  Mileage Time
Street On Street stopping at Direction STOPS Business &/or Apartments Units Facilities 6th 6th
Dick Lewis Rufe Snow Dr W Richland Pointe Mall/24 Hour Fitness Tutor Time Day Care 6.2 9:20
Northwood Plaza, Simoniz Car Wash Children's World D/C 6.4reset
1st Nat'l Bank Bldg, Country Inn 0.5 10.03
North Richland Hills High School
Quinten's Crossing Apartments, Duplexes 128
Wood Meadow Apartments (1/2) 111
Dick Lewis Combs W SacknSave, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot 0.6 4
Combs Boulder N Home Depot 0.9 5
Boulder Industrial Park Blvd SW Hilltop Apartments 284 1.1 6
Industrial Park/MeadowLakes H820 (4 way stop) S Walmart, Sams, 5 Star Ford Dealership 1.6 7
Meadow Lakes/Industrial Park Skylark Circle W SE Meadow Lakes Assisted Living Center
Community Enrichment Center
Iron Horse Golf Course
Boulder E s/f
2.7 9
Rufe Snow Dr S NRH Public Library 6.8 23reset
North Richland Hills Middle School
Snow Heights Elementry School
Rufe Snow Dr Victoria S s/f 7.3 24
Glenview Dr W Mullendore Elementry School Absolute Best Child Care 0.7 25
Diamond Ridge Apts, Castlewinds Apts 412
Glenview Garden Apartments 19
Glenview Dr King Arthur Ct W Waterford on the Green Apartments 185 8.5 26
Wellington Apartments 200
Diamond Loch Apartments
Starlight W s/f 9.0 27
Glenview Denton Hwy (H377) N Winn-Dixie 0.4 28
Denton Hwy (H377) Springlake W Warren Inn 0.7 29
NE Tarrant County Chamber of Commerce
Fairway on the Park Apartments 402
Springlake Pkwy Club at Springlake W Springlake Apts, Lakeview Apartments 604 10.0 29
Club at Springlake Apartments 200
Springlake Pkwy Haltom Rd S No Light!!! 0.2 30
Haltom Rd Glenview/McLean S Liberty Carton, MICA, Revcor 0.4 30
North Oaks Middle School
Haltom Rd Stanley Keller E O. H. Stowe Elementry School 0.9 32
Star Apts, Cornerstone Apartments 140
Stephanie Dr S David E. Smith Elementry School 11.2 33
Webster/Monett S s/f 0.6 24
Broadway W Haltom City Hall, Library, Police 0.9 35
Haltom Middle School
Haltom Oaks Apartments 40
Broadway Fincher W Haltom City Rec Center Broadway School D/C 12.1 35
Aurora W Broadway Apartments 0.5 36
Beach St N 1st Uniform, IESE Waste Mngt 0.8 37
Beach St Stanley Keller N 13.2 37
Meacham Blvd N I/P 0.8 38
McLean/Glenview N Bethesda School, Airborne Express Bethesda Day Care Ctr 14.3 39
Northern Cross Blvd N Barrington at Beach St Apartments 398 0.5 39
H820 N Budget Suites, Crossland Studios, Super8 0.8 42
Candlewood Suites, Fairfield Inn
Sandshell N 0.9 42
Fossil Vista Rd W Motorola Plant 15.1 43
Hidden Lakes Apartments 624
Amesbury Court Apartments
Fossil Ridge Apartments 288
Fossil Creek Blvd W Fossil Hill Apartments 216 15.5 44
Fossil Creek Blvd Riverside W Haggar, MICA 0.9 45
Fossil Creek Blvd Sandshell Dr N Coca-Cola, Horizons Apartments 665 16.6 45
Sante Fe Apartments
Sandshell Dr Clubgate Dr N UA Theater, Fossil Creek Golf Club 17.1 46
Residence Inn
Sandshell Dr Private Drive by Pond N
EAST-Private Drive by Pond WCB W AMLI on the Green Apartments 125
Villages of Fossil Creek Apartments 101
WEST-Sandshell Dr I35W Access Rd N AMLI'Green, Villages'Fossil Creek 17.4 47
WCB I35W Access Rd W Retail 0.6 48
WCB Lou Menk Dr-East W Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad 18.2 48
WCB Lou Menk Dr-West N Burlington Northern employee ctr Children's Courtyard 18.6 49
Lou Menk Dr-West BN HQ Entrance N BNSF Headquarters Entrance 19.0 51
Lou Menk Dr-East WCB E around BNSF Campus 0.2 52
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
WCB I35W E Bestwestern Inn, Retail 226 0.8 53
AMLI on The Green Apartments
Villages of Fossil Creek Apartments
H35W H287 Exit N No Stop 21.0 55
Park Glen Blvd N No Stop 23.3 57
Golden Triangle/Keller Rd N 0.7 58
H35W H170 Alliance G/W N No Stop 26.4 10.00
H35W Westport Pkwy/Keller Haslett N No Stop 27.3 1
Alliance Blvd N No Stop 28.3 2
H35W Eagle Parkway W Valeo 29.5 3
Eagle Parkway Heritage Pkwy W 0.8 4
Peterson Ct W Recaro Seats, Savor, Patterson 30.3 5
ATC Logictics, Pitney Bowes
American Way S American's Maintenance Base 0.7 5
Unison, Triple S
turnaround N 0.8 6
American Way Eagle Parkway E 0.9 6
Eagle Parkway Peterson Ct E 31.4 7
Heritage S 32.0 8
Heritage Longhorn Way S Galderma 0.4 8
World Wide Dr S Fed Express 0.7 9
Alliance S Stop sign only 33.1 9
Flight Line Rd S Galaxy Aerospace, Air Traffic Tower 0.4 10
Horizon S Alliance Chamber of Commerce 0.6 10
Bell Helicopter
Westport W Medical Alliance Health Ctr, Retail 34.1 11
Begin Optional Intermodal Support (add 5 minutes)
Westport Intermodal N General Mills, Michael's
Intermodal Transport SW VM & Audi
Intermodal Westport N
Westport Heritage E Medical Alliance Health Ctr, Retail
End Optional Intermodal Support (add 5 minutes)
Westport I35W S Marriott Residences, Hampton Inn 34.3 11
Ponderosa Rd N Small Ranch 35.5 13
Ponderosa Rd Lasso Rd E s/f 0.9 14
Lasso Rd Lost Spurs Rd S s/f 36.0 14
Lost Spurs Rd Alta Vista Dr SE s/f 36.0 15
Alta Vista Dr Westport S Lost Spur Ranch Apartments 240 0.4 15
Alliance Gateway(H170) E H170 should be 45 MPH through there 0.6 16
Alliance Gateway(H170) Park Vista S Ryder Children's Courtyard 37.7 17
Park Vista Liberty Way E  Ameritrade 0.8 18
Liberty Way Independence Pkwy N Tech Data, Excel/TI, Nestles  38.5 19
Begin Optional Nokia Section
Independence Pkwy Victory E Zenith 0.8 19
Victory Guard Shack E Nokia, Mitsubishi, InteSys 39.2 20
Victory Independence Pkwy S 39.5 21
End Optional Nokia Section
Independence Pkwy Westport E 40.2 22
Westport H377 S 40.2 24
H377 Keller Haslett S 41.0 24
Johnson S Keller Harvel Elementry School 42.5 26
Keller Hicks S Retail 0.7 26
Keller Pkwy (H1709) S Retail (left turn backs up!) 43.0 28
Vine E Keller Chamber of Commerce Keller Montissori 0.2 29
Vine Elm E s/f 0.3 29
Page N s/f Keller Christian P/S ..4 29
Page Keller Pkwy (H1709) E Keller ISD Admin. Pathways to Success 0.6 30
Keller Middle School
North Country Apartments 16
Keller Pkwy (H1709) Cindy E Post Office, IHS Assisted Living Center 43.9 31
Bourland Rd/Anita E Lakes of Stone Glen Apartments 200 44.1 32
Pate Orr E Duplexes 10 0.5 33
Rufe Snow S Tom Thumb, Kroger, Eckerd 44.7 10.34
Carter Blood Care, New Apts 200 0.0 9.08
Rufe Snow Bear Creek Pkwy S Keller City Hall, Keller Police & Court Primrose School 0.5 9
Bear Creek Intermediate School
Rapp S s/f Children's Courtyard 1.5 11
Carriage Ln S s/f Ivy Glen School 2.3 12
North Tarrant Pkwy. S Kroger, Lowe's Northwood Learning Center 0.5 12
Bursey S Walmark, Indian Springs Middle School 0.9 13
Starnes S s/f 3.7 14
Hightower S TomThumb, Eckerd, Bowling 4.1 15
Foster Elementry School
Haverhill Apartments 302
Chapman S Retail Kindercare Learning Center 0.6 16
Tomorrow's Minds
Mid-Cities/Watauga Rd S Albertsons, Kroger, MacFrugals North Park Christian Academy C/C 5.1 17
Stardust Dr S Retail, s/f 0.4 18
Industrial Park S KimberlyClark #2, Intown Suites 0.7 19
Shadow Creek Apartments 240
Dick Lewis W Richland Pointe Mall/24 Hour Fitness Tutor Time D/C 6.2 9.20
Northwood Plaza, Simoniz Car Wash Children's World D/C
1st Nat'l Bank Bldg, Country Inn
North Richland Hills High School
Wood Meadow Apartments (1/2) 111
Quinten's Crossing Apts, Duplexes 128
Apartment units served 6815

Bus Service...the ultimate safety net!  Great to have if needed, and smart to use anytime.