Poster Child for A Pandemic                   [Part 3 of my COVID Trilogy]


An original poem by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro


With apologies to John Denver, for borrowing the rhythm of "Take Me Home, Country Road" for the intro.


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





Poster child,


You're the one.


Who shines bright,


As the sun.


Living knightly.


Worshipped, rightly.


Who will be,


This pandemic's poster child?





A poster child is like an icon,


Who gets across the message desired.


A center piece that we gaze upon,


So a thousand words aren't required.


A wanted poster for Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear, citing his strong leadership during the pandemic of 2020.





There's a movie you should be seeing,


Made before Eastwood became geriatric.


His crusty costar accused Clint of being,


A poster child for a prophylactic.






Whose is the face of this pandemic?


It doesn't need to be an academic.


Like Dr. Fauci, who we appreciate.


But here in Kentucky we are convinced,


That our Govenor Beshear is quite a prince.


Others have said stuff that made us wince.


So having Andy on the poster would be great.






But "Chicken Little!" was the thanks Andy got,


When he sought pathogenic disruption.


Hey, the shrillest voice was that of reason. NOT.


More like a poster child for corruption.  [Examples: #1 & #2]


A photo of bottles of the capsule form of the health supplements Ginger, Fish Oil, and Turmeric, all 3 of which are thought to treat inflammation, which is present when coronavirus attacks the lungs of COVID-19 patients.




Who has the face, the face for a poster?


In this year's case, we could be even closer,


To electing a pharma spokesperson.




Inflammation is what we need to hinder,


By taking fish oil, turmeric, and ginger.


Please don't wait until your symptoms worsen,


Lest the poor schmuck on the poster be you!









While searching the web for signs of The Beast,


I noticed certain leaders who seemed, at least,


Uncommitted to limiting COVID cases.



To rule out grifters who are prone to pilfer,


I used the word "Trusted" as the key filter,


Yielding the best from our cultures and races.





Missing, of course, is our "stable" orange boss.


Not above concern about personal loss.


How he plugs away at November conquest.



Gone, too, are pastors who neglect the protection,


Of elder sheep. Strange, but on closer inspection...


What can surpass weekly tithes? Just one bequest.



These conflicts of interest are what I despise.


But I'd agree to never again criticize,


If Koji Kondo agreed to be my tunesmith.   [Examples: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5]





Now let's discuss a national registry,


Of those with short lived COVID immunity.


Is there such a list for vaccine recipients?



The brainchild of one amongst the right-est,


A pundit received it with great politeness.


Where they hint at discord that's incipient!


So maybe the faces on the poster should be theirs.





Is there a family with money problems,


Whose actions suggest that they might welcome,


A death based wealth redistribution?



If in tight groups members are still found,


While their young ones continue to run around,


The grandparents need to skip the reunion.


Or just go on and take a group photo,


Of a poster family for the pandemic.


A wanted poster for Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro




Poster child,


Yeah, that's moi..


Spent a year,


At DePauw.


Flowing tightly.


Renowned, slightly.


Mark my word:


A pandemic poster child.



The End



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2020.  All rights reserved.



PS - As with a select few of my other efforts, particularly "The Colocation Center", "My Belle Meade Bride", and "The Las Vegas Strip", I was left with what I call "poetic remnants". These are verses which didn't quite make the grade, but might shed light on the literary methods which I do employ.


The only such remnant from this poem imagined my reaching out to my Facebook friends for recommendations.



VERSE - Facebook Post


Asked my friends to comment on a FB post,


With likenesses of those who are the most,        


Associated with COVID, nowadays.


 Dozens of photos were submitted.


So many that time only permitted,


Me to take a quick look at their resumes.


Here's a Wanted Dead or Alive sign for the coronavirus.


Anyway, thanks for your time and consideration.



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