Silk Purse Song                 [Part 2 of my Writing Trilogy]


Original song lyrics by Chrome Dome Mike Kimbro.


A loose relyric of "Fixer Upper" from Frozen, by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.


Please read along to my Spoken Verse Performance.





The classic song "Kentucky Rain".


It's writer's can't complain.      [Note: They're Eddie Rabbitt and Dick Heard]


Elvis Presley, yes he,


Took 'em to the bank.


While this critique should not diminish.


Open endings are not finished.


But this fatal flaw is nothing!


To the Songland crew, we thank.





If your song ain't a silk purse.


Give it to the Dream Team.


They'll say that it's amazing,


Then change all the phrasing.


Voila, now it's on top of every stream.


Submit a song that a sow's ear.


Yeah, you'll get back a purse.


In it will be lots of money.


Time to break your Grammy curse.





Your father said it was sub par,


When he examined your tip jar.


Now show the doubters you can overcome the odds. Yeah!


True, your best work, they might replace,


But it ain't a friggin' disgrace.


Time to kneel, and I mean now,


Before the tunesmith gods.





So your new song's not a silk purse.


Don't let it give you the blues.


One LA screen test will make you feel less,


Like a wadded Kleenex that someone used.


Submit a song that's a sows ear,


But here's the tricky part.


Did you write it just for the money,


Or celebrity, or art?





Spoken: "But what if a song isn't all that special?"


While it's a bit of a sows ear,


It don't really stink.


One quick makeover.


For a full crossover,


That's covered by Post Malone and Pink.


Hold back a song that's a sows ear?




Your mind set's obsolete!


Build your balance sheet on Easy Street,


No, you won't be selling out.





Spoken: "But how would you fix "Kentucky Rain"?"


For any lyricist, this is.


How we earn our "saves".


With words I'll manage,


To conceal the damage,


With Dick and Ed spinning in their graves.


What if the plot was in our time?


Her platelets hold the cure!?!


Working as a crew, they manage to,


Allow mankind to endure.







QUESTION: "But could the ending be somewhat 'Brokeback Mountain'?"


The process starts with a que-tion:


Did they really pray?


A fresh perspective,


That is less reflective,


Of values they shared "Back In the Day".


What if the pair were a tad gay,


But had both kids and wives?


Found a hotel room, that afternoon,


Had the Down Low of their lives.



Alright, enough!





There's no limit to their genius.


No telling what they will try.


Go Springsteen, make it an Irish jig,    [Note: Like this from Wrecking Ball?]


But never ask them why.


You know trombone's trending. So is flute,


And saxophone.


To the lawyer that I pay:


"On the contract, make it say,


One session man will play,


With Leslie Speaker tone."



Now, that's what I'm talking about!


Anyway, time to close this out.





Someone claim your song is a sows ear?!?


There's no need to despair.






And close!


Here's what I propose,


If it's not, like, beyond repair.


Many songs began as sows ears.


Then someone lends a hand.


If lyrics need a total redo,


Or the tune sucks, trade it in, get a new...


Silk Purse!


Silk Purse!


Silk Purse from Songland.



The End.



Copyright Michael Kimbro 2020.  All rights reserved.



PS - As with a select few of my other efforts, particularly "The Colocation Center", "My Belle Meade Bride", and "The Las Vegas Strip", I was left with what I call a "poetic remnant". These are verses which didn't quite make the grade, but might shed light on the methods which I do employ.


The only such remnant from this poem is an alternative version of Verse 3, which concerns release of creative control, a topic that is essential to the whole Songland concept.


VERSE 3 - Creative Control Concerned


When the weekend's work is wor-thy,


To win the Pulitzer Prize.


Psych! Even paying the entry fee,


Would probably not be wise.


In the fine print, lawyer's find out how,


Ideas are stole.


Here's the contract, by the way.


Read the contract, it will say,


That you loose all control.


Yep, you give up control.



OK, thanks for your time and consideration.