Where Are You?


Portal Gratification

The Mandalorian's Cape

Sweet Submission

What If A Horse Took A Knee

The Copyright Enforcer

Inspector General

Gimme Some Skin

Herb Immunity

Poster Child For This Pandemic

Pick Up Sticks

Common Law

The Finest Gravy is Egg Yoke

Two Percent Pure

California College Sports

Legacy Systems Rock

Thank Me, Crush City

Send $5 to a Democrat

The Surgical Option

Mount Everest

Boomers and Holy Rollers

Your Malört Face

Whistleblowing 101

Maximum Insecurity

Don't Pray, Just Praise

The Bell Curve

Body Camera

I Have To Thank Bane

Thirty-Eight States

Naked Manning

Royal Concerns

A Longhand Lament

Take A Knee

An Alter Ego Poem

A Military Parade

I Know Your Family

Best Candid Response Video

I Need A Raise

A Feminine Caller ID

Cross The Ocean

Get Over It

Mandarin Madness

An Iron Man Pinata

A Russia Friendly Resume

The Smirk

Thug Life

Persistent Infringement

A Cold Open

The Automotive Superheroes

A Nondisclosure Poem

I Don't Like You

Bats or Birds

Facebook Friend Request


A Cleft Chin Poem

The Fascinator

Robot Repair

Tell Us What You Know

A Princeton Man

The One Who Dropped The Ball

Hola, Ms. Bradley

A Get Back Whip Quip

Analog Enemy

The Outer Loop

Leave The Black Hole Alone

What You Focus On

Option 2, then Option 7

Pennies Get In The Way

When The Greyhound Passes

Gross Point Mona Lisa

A Wordpress Poem

The Code From A Jack Reacher Book

Mistletoe At Work

3 Shots Fired, 3 Go Down

Mind The Gauges

Mission: Improbable

Official Scunthorpe United Attire

I Could Have Played Khan

What The Hell Did He Say

Swimming With Sharks

Socialized Medicine Blues

A Beer Stein Poem

Grow Out Your Bangs

Drone Pilot

The 2-A-Day Blues

Come On, Preacher Man

Candy Corn

On Boulder Highway

When We Hate The Same Things

Club Champion

Grandpa Power

Bowling Green

A Runner's High Poem


Make Sure That The Coast Is Clear

An MMA Christmas

The Number 3

A Classic Car Poem

Programmed by the ISI

My Valentine's Day Advice

Ballad of Sonny Perdue

Sturgis Belle of the Ball

An Ode to Foot Odor

Nook and Cranny

One Blank Ammo Round

Pippin' Ain't Easy

Thumbin' My Way to Tombstone

British Tan Shoes

A Wheezer's Lament

The Wonder Of My Clock

The Colocation Center

Green Brains of Owl Creek

What if She Were a Spy?

The Militia

Changing Majors

The Las Vegas Strip

To Peel, Or Not to Peel

Mackerel Sky

Between KY and TN

The System

In Praise of Delta Airlines

The Baby Daddy Blues

Gandhi in Thigh High Boots

Makeup And Gloves

Paddy Wagon Processions

Last Month's Turf

The King of Compensation

Chinese Steel

I Sold My Soul

The Dude's Landlord

The Ones Who Call Their Own Plays

A Ghillie Suit Poem

One and Done


A Book of Matches

Chain Migration

Strive To Be Psychedelic

My Belle Meade Bride

The Little Old Hellraiser, Me

Wild Berry Pies

An Abundance Of Caution

The 45th Day

An Applause Lament

Your Poet For Life

From Flintlocks to Phasers

A Poem About Sagging

Cell Phone History

Laureation 2017

The Good Taste Police


In The Land of Washers And Dryers

A Murder Mystery

You Have to Know Me

Spit or Swallow

Tactical Withdrawals

The Godparents


Livin' Zombie Style


Are You In It To Win It?

Claiming Races

Open Marriage Blues


Cruisin' Choctawhatchee Bay

Paradise Road

In A House Divided

Born to be Bald

Third Shirt Burt

Focus On Travis County

Never Connected


1912 Hemphill Club

Mexican Foreign Aid


Do It With A Codicil

October Joy Ride